EHP Food Grade Spray Nozzle

HydroPulse® Food-Grade Electrically Actuated Automatic Precision Spray Nozzle


  • Hygienic design
  • Interchangeable spray tips
  • Capable of cycling on/off up to 150 cycles per second
  • Does not require a compressed air source
  • EHP features straight through porting for in-series set-up
  • Paired with the FlexFlow spray controller, high-frequency cycling known as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) can vary the liquid spray flow rate at constant supply pressure with little change in spray performance by adjusting the duty cycle


  • Control a wide range of flow rates
  • Uniform and repeatable coverage improves product consistency
  • Reduce consumption of expensive coatings
  • Reduce overspray waste and improve product quality
  • Exact target coatings secure a clean and safe environment
  • Promote increased production
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime
  • Reliable spray dosing provides an accurate calorie count

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