Discover high-quality nozzles, spray lances, and automated spraying systems that optimize manufacturing processes in the Engineered Wood, Roofing Materials, Cement, or Carpet and Flooring industries.

Our precision spray control solutions and advanced spray engineering expertise ensure the exact quantity of spray, whether cooling gases efficiently with complete evaporation or coating products uniformly on fast-moving conveyors.

Common Applications

Discover solution confidence with BETE’s precision spray control systems for applications of resin, wax, water, and release agents during engineered wood production. Address problems involving overspray or under-spray to ensure production efficiency for chips, mats, cauls, or belts. Use a precision spraying system for various engineered wood production operations.
  • Ensure precise application and reduce waste
  • Integrate tonnage or line speed to maintain uniform coverage when variables change
  • Reduce the use of expensive resins, waxes, or release agents by applying the exact volume required
  • Apply the optimal amount of surface moisture to increase production by decreasing time in the press
  • Confidently transition to running complete polymeric MDI (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate) products with non-stick press protection
  • Eliminate compressed air from most pre-press and wax operations
  • Apply slack wax, tallow wax, or e-wax in the blender
  • Add surface moisture before pressing boards
  • Apply PMDI (polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate) or LPF (lignin-phenol-formaldehyde) resin in the blender
  • Apply mixed release agent on mats, cauls, or press belts when using PMDI resins
  • Mark nail lines on OSB (oriented strand board)
Improve product quality and process operations with BETE Spray Technology for flooring and carpet manufacturing plants. Discover uniform coverage to address problems with over-application and under-application of costly chemicals.
  • Apply fire retardants
  • Apply stain-resistant chemicals
  • Consistent coating with precisions spray control
Reduce costs, protect equipment, and increase efficiencies with BETE Spray Technology for process optimization in the cement industry.
  • Gas Cooling, Quenching & Conditioning to protect downstream equipment
  • Gas Scrubbing & SNCR Applications
  • Water Injection to improve grinding process
  • Dust Suppression
Increase production and eliminate waste with BETE spray technology for manufacturing shingles.
  • Uniform application of binder on composite shingle mats
  • Uniform spraying during pre-saturation
  • Precision spray control
  • Shingle cooling